Dog Deli Large Selection Box


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Dog Deli Large Selection Box

comprising a 15 piece selection of the following items, all individually wrapped in biodegradable packaging and labelled.

1 large lamb skin braid, 1 long beef skin chew, 1 sausage roll, 4 liver sausage, 1 pig ear, 1 cow ear, 2 duck or chicken feet, 1 beef moon chew, 1 cut beef trachea, 2 pig snouts, 2 rabbit ears, 1 bull pizzle, 1 beef gullet, 1 turkey neck, 1 pack sprats.

*items may be substituted for similar value items

  • £1 from each box sold will be donated to Broken Biscuits Disabled Animal Charity.  Reg. UK Charity No. 1176733


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Dog Deli Large Selection Box